Flowplayer is an Open Source (GPL 3) video player for web with modular architecture epitomizing plug and play concept. Plug and play to the extent, even the control bar could be added as a plugin.

While I’m working on the Flowplayer(web video player) for an assignment; The need for flowplayer-plugins flashed in my mind and came across variety of plugins. These plugins are inevitable for modern e-learning and for implementing media delivery websites.

So I am game to put forward my contribute to flowplayer plugins. All flowplayer-plugins source code hosted on GitHub https://github.com/jeevatkm/flowplayer-plugins

Flowplayer Plugins are:

I would like to do few more real-time usage plugins, keep an eye on this space!

Looking forward your suggestions and support.

Like to develop your own Plugin for your business need, here you go (I followed these instructions when I started) –

Setting up your Flash development environment for Flowplayer

How to make Flowplayer plugins with ActionScript (Writing Flash plugins)