ReplyWithHeader (RWH) is an Apple Mail Bundle (a.k.a. plugin) to enable quoting of the email message header and automatic default signature  while reply or forward an email. RWH brings Outlook mail header capabilities [Outlook representation, Oops! did I say Outlook :)] into Apple RWH plugin idea have been ported to  Thunderbird and Postbox mail client too.

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Download ReplyWithHeader v6.1 from

Please Note: External website might take few days to reflect new releases.

RWH Download Link - MacUpdate.comRWH Download Link -

File Size: 222 kb, change log

RWH version for OS Sierra, EL Capiton, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion

RWH Features

Plugin has been completely rewritten from scratch after v3.6 to bring following cool features.

  • Completely manages and brings most important feature towards ‘Message Attribution’
  • Clean handling of header attribution [From, Subject, Date, To & Cc], rest are suppressed
  • Provide special/meaningful email message separate of thin blue color line

Header TypographyTypography feature for message attribution (Headers) in-terms of Font Face, Font Size and Color.

Outlook Header LabelPlugin brings Outlook Header Label options for more readable representation of Message Attribution.

  • First Name and Last Name used instead of quoted email address
  • Attribution Sequence in-terms of From, Sent, To, Cc and  Subject
  • Provides optional prefix transformation for Re: -> RE: and  Fwd: -> FW:

eMail SignatureProvides ability to remove signature and choose alternate signature per email account while doing Reply, Reply All and Forward.

LocalizationSince v4.2 brings globalization in Header Attribution Labels in 16 languages [Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, português (Portugal), português, русский, svenska, українська, 中文(简体中文), 中文(繁體中文), norsk bokmål].

Header attribution in choosen language regardless of system locale/language. For e.g. system language is in Japanese & header attribution in English.

Ability to include all the Raw headers from email message is quiet invaluable feature for those of you who have to, or choose to, report spam, phishing, and malware spread through email.

Compatibility Matrix

macOS VersionRWH v6.1RWH v5.3
Mojave -10.14.{1, 2, 3}Supported
High Sierra – 10.13.xSupported
Sierra – 10.12.xSupported
El Capitan – 10.11.xSupported
Yosemite – 10.10.xSupported
Mavericks – 10.9.xSupported
Mountain Lion – 10.8.xSupported
Lion – 10.7.xSupported

How to Install ReplyWithHeader

For Mojave OS & above (RWH v6.0 and above)

  • Follow the instructions file “Install-Instructions-Mojave-OS-and-Above.txt” in the RWH archive file.

For version 4.2 & above

  • Double click Install-or-Upgrade-or-Reenable.command in downloaded zip
  • Restart

For version 4.1 & below

  • Double click Install-or-Upgrade.command in downloaded Zip
  • Restart

RWH Donators

BTC 1Q87wEWvQyxFHag77fqvabrEuPsAidWpyDPaypal

Following RWH users contributed and supporting RWH development (of-course that’s me).

DateNameAmountDonated Via
Mar 21, 2015Frederick Dick, WA, USA$5.00PayPal
Apr 1, 2015I would like to know your good name60.36 mBTCBTC
Apr 10, 2015Robert Spendlove, VA, USA$10.00PayPal
May 8, 2015Frank Jennings, PA, USA$10.00PayPal
May 14, 2015Steve Vandivort, WA, USA$15.00PayPal
Jun 3, 2015I would like to know your good name224.25 mBTCBTC
Jun 15, 2015Camilo Buitrago-Hernandez, Colombia$5.00PayPal
Jul 7, 2015Alastair Brydon, Cambs, UK$20.00PayPal
Oct 2, 2015Antoine Stahl, CO, USA$10.00PayPal
Nov 8, 2015Henning Caspari, Sohren, Germany$3.00PayPal
Jan 25, 2016Nelson Ortega, Barueri SP, Brazil$20.00PayPal
Mar 4, 2016Carl Vandray, Hudson Quebec, Canada$10.00PayPal
Mar 8, 2016Michele Zambonin, Padova, Italy$10.00PayPal
Mar 9, 2016Franco Beretta, Pavia, Italy$5.00PayPal
Mar 9, 2016David Lamar, CA, USA$10.00PayPal
Mar 16, 2016Dan Hardiman, Rye, UK$20.00PayPal
Apr 15, 2016Nathan Schwam, LA, USA$10.00PayPal
Jul 17, 2016Anthony Picard, Ryde, Australia$10.00PayPal
Jul 20, 2016Henning Caspar, Sohren, Germany$2.00PayPal
Sep 7, 2016J M Fitzmaurice, WA, USA$10.00PayPal
Sep 20, 2016Guillaume Cabanac, Castanet-Tolosan, France$5.00PayPal
Sep 24, 2016Holger Gerhardt, Bonn, Germany$10.00PayPal
Oct 26, 2016Mohamed Shahat, Dubai, UAE$10.00PayPal
Nov 02, 2016Daniel Jones$10.00PayPal
Nov 13, 2016Соколов Михаил, Russia$10.00PayPal
Nov 23, 2016Roger Wolf, Switzerland$10.00PayPal
Dec 27, 2016C. o’Neill Brown$5.00PayPal
Jan 07, 2017Phil Bourke, Australia$100.00PayPal
Jan 28, 2017Henning Caspari$5.00PayPal
May 29, 2017Frederick Maxwell$5.00PayPal
Sep 27, 2017Aris Galanopoulos$10.00PayPal
Oct 02, 2017ISIPP$25.00PayPal
Mar 23, 2018Isaiah Schultz$5.00PayPal
Jun 11, 2018Daryl Barry$3.00PayPal
Sep 25, 2018Greg Edmiston Consulting, USA$40.00PayPal
Oct 10, 2018Holger Gerhardt, Germany$10.00PayPal
Oct 21, 2018Alastair Brydon, UK$20.00PayPal
Oct 21, 2018Holger Gerhardt, Germany$10.00PayPal
Oct 22, 2018Davide Fantin$20.00PayPal
Oct 22, 2018Franco Beretta$10.00PayPal
Nov 2, 2018Bartus Kramp$5.00PayPal
Nov 4, 2018Paul Roubos, Netherlands$10.00PayPal
Dec 30, 2018Charles Merfield, New Zealand$20.00PayPal
Jan 3, 2019Glass Designs$3.00PayPal

Note for BTC donators: Kindly drop a note to [email protected] after your contribution. Since BTC transaction doesn’t reveal name.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I have made as simple as possible for you users to install and getting start with plugin for their need! However sometimes user come across few thoughts/question.  Following Q & A might clarify those thoughts/questions.

Q: Any recommendation for settings for best email conversation?


Q: I updated to the latest OS X version but now ReplyWithHeader has been disabled!

This will happen with every new versions of during a OS X updates, that’s something we have to live with when using plugins for Good part is, I have taken care of it – all you have to do is to run the installer of Install-or-Upgrade-or-Reenable.command again, it will re-enable the plugin for you!

Q: I'm done with the plugin, how can I remove/uninstall it?

I believe this question won’t arise on your mind since latest plugin has cool features for your need; if so let me know the improvement pointers here.

To remove/uninstall it:

  • Execute  Uninstall.command file from the
  • OR just delete ReplyWithHeader.mailbundle  from ~/Library/Mail/Bundles
  • Finally restart

That’s it, no other leftover.

Q: Using 2 separate disk (for system & data) in your machine?

Install-or-Upgrade-or-Reenable.command installation file may not be fully help during an install.  So kindly perform following steps manually.

  • First execute file  Install-or-Upgrade-or-Reenable.command
  • Execute below command in
    • defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
  • Now, RWH is ready to use!

Q: I have tried everything, still I'm in trouble!

If nothing here seems to help, follow below step to get support

  • Since v6.1 release, easy to enable debug mode via RWH preferences on “About” Tab
    • Before v6.1 – Enable debug log using below command in the and restart the
      • defaults write MHDebugLog -bool true
  • Open up and type RWH on the right corner test box to filter only
  • Copy all the logs, the line which start with RWH: .............. into some text file using your favorite text editor
  • Finally, you can create an issue here attach that log file or send an email to jeeva [at] myjeeva [dot] com with attachment, you’ll get support as soon as possible!