Smooth Transition from Snow Leopard to OS X Lion…

Wow… I’m excited to share MacBook Pro transistion to Mac OS X Lion.

Mac OS X LionI purchased Mac OS X Lion from App Store on Jul 21, 2011. Besides I went through reviews comments on App Store for OS X Lion; I was so much worried and my mind went into dilemma

Should I upgrade Max OS X Lion or not?


Issues mentioned in reviews

  • OS X Lion installation failed
  • Office mac 2011 not working properly
  • Parallels Desktop not working properly
  • etc…

Then I surfed and luckily found the following articles, which appeared as a solace, and believe me; it’s really helped out.

Performed the steps based on above guide

  1. Verified Disk as I had a issues in primary partition and Repaired Disk using Disk Utility
  2. Created a bootable disk for future purpose
  3. Took backup into date, on TimeMachine for safer side :)
  4. At last started installing Mac OS X Lion from Applictaions/Install Mac OS X
  5. Provided a admin password, that’s it

And that’s it, I got back my Login window. Ofcourse it took approximately 37 mins for complete installation got installed perfectly and migrated data as well.

I’m ready to go!

Mac OS X Lion-screen

System Configuration

MacBook Pro 13″

Intel Core 2 Duo

4 GB RAM memory

250 GB Harddisk

As you can see my system configuration is minimum one; which OS X Lion support 🙂

Applications [Before Transition]

Applications [After Transition]

Yes, FrontRow application haas been removed from Mac OS X Lion. DiskInventory application did not work after transition.

Now, everything is set. All applications are working fine as before 😉

Note: Java Runtime is no longer part of upcoming Mac OS X versions; including Lion . Steps for Java Runtime installation. However, Java update dialog will popup. If not, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences
  2. Open the Java Preferences
  3. If Java is not installed you will receive the following message, To open Java Preferences, you need a Java runtime. Would you like to install one now?” with Not Now and Install buttons.
  4. Click Install button and follow the instructions.