JeeUtil JS Library is not in active development!, however it is stable to use.

Rapid, easy to implement, snappy code for valuable end result, unique JavaScript interface to perform actions in cross browsers.  It provides several simple interfaces for the complex functionalities of JavaScript.  It supports across browsers (W3C Standard Specification). And also now JeeUtil JavaScript Library migrated to GitHub.

Documentation & Minified JS Downloads:

Introduction to ju.*

  • Detection of browser, browser plug-in, ActiveX across browsers
  • Manipulation of cookie, DOM elements, client-side validation
  • Detection of client screen resolution, color depth, environment
  • Plugins – drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts, live date & time, tooltip, a lot more

A ju library approach towards JavaScript

  • Unique interface & Standardized archetype for across browser
  • Solutions to day-today need of client-side script
  • OOP implementation
  • Supports  Cross-Browser(s) – know more
  • Easy to use just like other JS libraries in the Industry

How to use ju library?

Detailed article has been drafted around ” How to use ju library?

JeeUtil Complete API’s Reference

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MD5: 887c8f75d327f9bf098c1b9308d59da5

Bundled JeeUtil library(Minified)

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Part of ju library (plugin) download, Click here

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