ju plugin: JeeUtil JavaScript Library

JavaScriptJU plugin is part of focused functionality from JeeUtil JS Library.  Since programmer may need part of library not bunch of functionality together, which they don’t need it.  Bundled JeeUtil JavaScript Library available click here.

Wondering why should you use the bundled library when you need only a small set/part of library features? Well, though the bundled ju library is very light and has many useful facets that you would find handy now or later, I have provided the ju plugins as independent modules. However all plugin required ju.core plugin as prerequisites. Below is a quick feature list of the plugins.

ju Plugin source code repository on GitHub.

Available Plugin’s in ju Library

Plugin Name MD5 Download Link (minified)
juCore v1.0 ** dc8edecf8ac57a54b6494a7d7cbafd78 Download
juBrowser v1.2 7eb47a5d1b7d92e5a616a6986384f151 Download
juDoc v1.1 3e5ff1ad1f9b86c7586b0b4b0b13d08d Download
juShortcut v1.0 1e0c4c91abd12aeece193fc095d12229 Download
juDragdrop v1.0 deafed60380f3ce021ba141ae706c498 Download
juDateTime v1.1 298d84bf11e24878e253ca0cee164a2a Download

Note: All ju plugin’s requires juCore-min-x.x.js to be included on the page.


This is the core plugin of JU library that lets you retrieve and play with most of the DOM objects available on an HTML/XHTML.


This plugin has the API for manipulating the browser attributes and retrieving the browser plugins available on the client/end-user machine that invokes the JeeUtil API. The results of these API may be extrapolated to work on other real time solutions.


This plugin has the API for working or retrieving the ju.doc attributes of the HTML/XHTML. The results of these methods may then be worked upon to get the desired results. As of now, the API primarily focus on Element attributes.


Make your business users add a product into the shipping cart by click of a KEYSTROKE! This plugin lets you handle such calls by using simple keystrokes javascript may transformed into AJAX call to server and updating portion of page, it reduces server load partially; instead of complete page refresh and redirection.


Need a drag drop form features on a simple HTML page without using Flash? Explore this plugin.


This plugin implemented as per ISO 8601 has API for interacting with Date & Time attribute in the browser. Using these methods and manipulating it a little bit shall let you display the user time zone system clock time on webpage.

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