How to include JavaScript file in HTML page?

include JavaScript file in HTMLArticle describes, how to include JavaScript file in HTML page for programming. Going through simple step-by-step approach. For example I have used my Lightweight JavaScript library for describing these steps.

Steps can be utilized for any JavaScript file inclusion on the HTML/web page.


Step 1

Download the JeeUtil JS Library from OR from GitHub

Step 2

Upload the downloaded .js file(s) into your web/application server via FTP or whichever the mode your comfortable.

Step 3

Use script tag to include uploaded .js script file in the web page.

For Example: Using as a server name.

Step 4

Now we have successfully included the JavaScript, you’re ready utilize the features of JeeUtil JS Library on web page.


  • x – represents the version number
  • Described steps applies to ju plugin as well

We have successfully learned how to include JavaScript file in HTML page.