Read Excel through Java using XSSF and SAX (Apache POI)

read excel through java using xssf and saxRead Excel through Java using XSSF and SAX (Apache POI); ready to use Java library/classes for reading XLSX file into Java List Object or process row wise data conveniently.  You may think how this article differs from plethora of articles over internet.

Of-course it has uniqueness within:

  • Ready to use Java Classes for reading excel Workbook, as simple!
  • Advantages of XSSF Streaming API type (aka SAX); CPU & Memory efficiency for reading
  • Simply described usage & benefits via Test classes ExcelWorkSheetHandlerTest &  ExcelWorkSheetRowCallbackHandlerTest
  • Javadocs for ExcelReader, ExcelWorkSheetHandler<T> &  ExcelXSSFRowCallbackHandler
  • Excel Template Header Validation (Row Zero is header)
  • Skip No. of rows
  • Excel Callback handlers for in-depth processing/handling excel row values – ExcelSheetCallback and ExcelRowContentCallback

Obtaining ExcelReader Library & Source Code

For Maven based project can easily refer below pom definition:

v1.3 released to maven central on Jun 04, 2018

Need an excelReader jar file instead, click here to download.

ExcelReader project scoure code as, click here to download OR alternative you can clone it from GitHub-

How to Use ExcelReader

It is simple and easy to utilize and take advantage of theses classes.  Will describe usage in two steps:

  • Choose appropriate Excel worksheet handler for your need
  • Create a ExcelReader (Javadoc) object passing excel file with worksheet handler and invoke process method

Note: ExcelWorkSheetHandler implements the Interface XSSFSheetXMLHandler.SheetContentsHandler for processing the excel work sheet.

Example Code from

Example code from