Review: A Glance of ElasticSearch Server Book


ElasticSearch Server Book published by Packt Publishing Ltd., on February 2013.  Good news: this is a First Book for elasticsearch server on open source space apart from elasticsearch tutorials and community contribution on internet.

Quick intro: ElasticSearch is an open source search server built on Apache Lucene.  To provide a scalable search solution with built-in support for near real-time search and multi-tenancy.

Book Details

ElasticSearch Server Book

Title: ElasticSearch Server

Edition Language : English

Paperback : 318 pages

Release Date : February 2013

ISBN : 1849518440

ISBN 13 : 9781849518444

Author(s) : Rafał Kuć, Marek Rogoziński

A Glance of ElasticSearch Server Book

‘The Book’, name refers a comprehensive information of Title/Product etc.

You don’t know about ElasticSearch Server; need not to worry, as you will learn from “ElasticSearch Server Book”. Which provides comprehensive information on install, configurations [index, analyzer, search Routing, cluster, etc.], & Admin API’s.

Note: Having knowledge on JSON [JavaScript Object Notation], databases and queries is helpful; in circumstances you may feel lost sometime or difficult to follow :).

Elasticsearch’s model is JSON; all the data structure is JSON for Indexing, extensive JSON based search query DSL, & index level settings in JSON file (possible to use YAML[YAML Ain’t Markup Language] as well).

Book example uses elasticsearch version 0.20.0; current stable version as on 20-Apr-2013 is 0.20.6.  On other hand 0.90.0.RC* [release candidate] versions are rolling up.  The bottom line is, once you have concepts & basic understanding then its easy to update/upgrade yourself.  ElasticSearch Server Book provides concepts and basic understanding, so need not to worry!

My Review: The author could have covered in detail for ElasticSearch Readers & Learners-

Note:  Page no’s referred below is by eBook, not a Print edition

  • Page no 41: ‘Manual index creation and mappings configuration’ – Discusses about Index, Schema mapping [Type definition, core types, Multi fields, Analyzers] configurations
    • It implies Lucene core concepts, its good to provide some insights & describe in-detail in this book
    • Analyzers configuration on Page 50 – currently it is describe in high level, it should have been good to discuss in-detail about Lucene Tokenizer’s & Filter’s
  • Page no 30: Node and Cluster; Page no 285 Node discovery, Master Node, Configuring master node and data nodes
    • However it does not talks about Data Node & Non-Data usage.  It would be best to describe advantage of Non-Data node and recommendation for when to take advantage of it
  • Page no 287: Talks about multicast and unicast configuration
    • It would be best describe advantage of both and recommendation for when to use multicast/unicast with some usecase, it will be surely helpful for learner to go in right direction
  • Always Highly Expected: It would be best to describe Best Practies of ElasticSearch Server for implementation/production deployment or Recommendations. It will be ultimately helpful for ElasticSearch users/community


ElasticSearch Server Book is highly recommended for beginner’s and intermediate’s users.  It has comprehensive information on ElasticSearch Server.

ElasticSearch advanced users? as always dig yourself 🙂